My name is Marcin Szala. I am a fully qualified massage therapist based in Brussels and trained in Nuad Bo-Rarn massage in Thailand, neuromuscular therapy and Yoga,I hold diplomas in Swedish massage, Reiki and deep-tissue massage. My long experience also includes neuromuscular techniques, trigger points work, myofascial relase, soft tissue release, sports injuries and long-term therapy.

If you wish to focus on a specific area to work on I will then customise the treatment to your needs. Sports injuries can be treated through your muscular therapy and regular sessions can significantly reduce the risk of muscle fatigue and injuries in the future. If you don’t suffer from specific injuries you can also choose from wide range of massages to reduce tension and relieve general stress.

Besides feeling great, massage also has some very powerful therapeutic benefits. It can help you relax and rejuvenate your body and mind, reduce muscle soreness and fatigue, increase concentration and ensure better  sleep and also nurture self-esteem. Athletes can improve their performance and seriously reduce the risk of injury.